Plan for Fee / Hourly Consultation Services

Sometimes people do not need, or want an investment advisor, and simply need access to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM  for consultation. For clients requiring this, we offer Plan for Fee services as well as hourly consultation rates.  We find that this is the most comfortable way for many clients to begin working with us.  Planning for a set fee, or hourly rate, allows us to be truly objective and eliminates the conflict of interest of needing to sell an additional service or product in order to generate revenue.  This also eliminates the need for our firm to maintain an account minimum policy for potential clients.  We are able to work with any individual, family or entity that would like to work with us, regardless of their monetary wealth.

The initial fact-finding consultation is complimentary. After learning your needs we will provide a hard quote based on the scale and detail required.  At this point you have the choice to move forward with the planning process, or decline.

For initial planning, and projects, the rate is $150 per hour.  Most financial plans require between 6 to 8 hours of preparation.  After we fine tune and  present your  customized plan, our rate for additional services or annual reviews is $125 per hour.  Many Fee for Plan clients schedule annual or biannual reviews so that they can have us monitor their progress.

If after the planning process you decide to hire Northampton Financial Services for asset management we will offset our planning fees by future asset management fees that we anticipate to earn over the next 12 months.  If you needed life insurance, for example, we will provide quotes that you may use to comparison shop.  If you decided to have us handle your insurance needs, we would disclose to you any potential commissions that we may earn.

Plan for Fee is Available for:

  • Financial Plans
  • Restructuring Assets after a Divorce
  • College Tuition Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Second Opinions
  • Pension and Social Security Decisions
  • Portfolio Reviews of Employer Retirement Plans